Meet mountain runner Jacob Adkin who will share his journey throughout 2019 on Fast Running.

Jacob Adkin’s running highlights to date include a top six finish at the 2018 World Mountain Running Championships and 10th place at the renowned Sierre-Zinal race in Switzerland.

Among the Scottish athlete’s goals for 2019 is competing again for Great Britain in the mountains and to continue exploring new places around the world and at home through running.


Name: Jacob Adkin
Age (Jan 2019): 22
Hometown: Keswick
Club: Keswick AC and Moorfoot Runners
Main discipline: Mountain running
Other disciplines: Cross country
Full-time athlete/work/studying: Work

Goals or targets for 2019

1) To run for Great Britain again in mountain running
2) Travel to new races and explore new places through my running
3) Discovering the many places I have still to see in my own country
4) Continue to meet and run with lots of inspiring people

Running highlights

1) Finishing 6th at the World Mountain Running Championships
2) Finishing top 10 at Sierre-Zinal (10th)
3) Running for Scotland at British Cross Challenge
4) Running and racing in all sorts of amazing places

Interesting or fun facts

I have been vegetarian all my life; however, when I was six years old I ate a McDonald’s cheeseburger thinking it was actually made of cheese!

To celebrate a good race, I once did a naked mile in a foreign country.

I did my first vertical kilometre (VK), fueled by VKs (the drink). Although I performed well, I wouldn’t recommend this tactic!

I have a miniature pin-haired dachshund, named Dougal.

I live off strong coffee, nuts and raisins, but have a soft spot for Biscoff.

I run because…

Since I didn’t make it as a ballroom dancer, it was the obvious next activity to try.

Jokes aside, it is the pure pleasure and detachment you find while running in the hills that draws me to the sport. I have met the most amazing people along the way and also wouldn’t have seen as much as I have if I didn’t run.

Favourite training session

Long uphill tempos.

Least favourite training session

Long flat reps.

Favourite pre-race food

Is coffee a food?

Favourite post-race food

Just anything sweet and calorie dense!

Favourite runner or runners

Anyone who just gets out there for sheer enjoyment.

Brands or organisations that support me

Salomon Running, Suunto, Scottish Borders Athlete Support Programme (ASP) and Mountain Fuel.

Jacob Adkin features in the ‘Fast 10: class of 2019’ and over the course of the year will share his running journey. Further information about the ‘class of 2019’ can be found here.

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