Across the UK, Omagh, a small town in Northern Ireland has the fastest runners, while Stirling based runners log more miles in a single run, according to data analysed by Strava.

The Year in Sport report, which correlates all the data recorded from Strava users on an annual basis, showed that the average speed of those using the activity tracking app in the Northern Irish town was 5.03 min/km.

London was the second fastest with an average speed of 5:05 min/km. The third region was surprisingly another Northern Irish town, Banbridge.

In total Strava collected data from 24.7m runs (and 31m bike rides) UK wide in 2017.

Runners from Stirling logged an average distance of 10km per run – this was the longest distance across the UK in a single run. The Scottish city was ahead of Powys in Wales with 9.3km.

The most popular segment for runners was on the track at Mile End Stadium in London, followed a segment on Highgate Harriers home at Parliament Hill.

Meanwhile, men averaged 8.2km per run compared to the women’s average of 7km, with 9:00am the most popular time for running.

Unsupringliny due to its population London recorded most amount activities with 2,899,403. West Yorkshire came in second with 909,101 and Manchester third 849,048 activities.