For parkrun enthusiasts, New Year’s Day has become one of those rare opportunities to grab the elusive parkrun double – and did you know an online tool exists to help with the logistics.

Created by Rikki Prince, the parkrun New Year’s Day 2018 double finder will help you calculate where it is possible to run two parkrun tomorrow (January 1).

To make use of the tool, users enter an expected finish time for the first parkrun run, let’s say 20 minutes, then an alphabetical list displays all the parkruns that have double options.

The tool has lists of parkruns in the UK, Ireland, Austrilia, New Zeland and South Africa.

In the UK, if for example, you select Ally Pally, but with a 10:00am start, you would have to run it at world record 5k pace to then make the 4.09 miles to Oakhill for the second parkrun at 10:30.

A better option is Andover parkrun, which starts at 9:00am, and if you run a 20 minute 5k, then you can get to no less than 11 different parkruns for your second at 10:30. Helpfully, the online took also provides directions to your second parkrun.

So if you fancy two 5ks in the space of a morning or want 2018 to be the year you become a parkrun tourist, someone who travels the country collecting different parkrun events like free trophies, then start the year the right way, with the help of the parkrun double calculator.

Rikki, if you’re reading this, do you think there’s an option for a parkrun triple? Do we need Lewis Hamilton’s help?

The parkrun New Year’s Day 2018 double finder can be found here.

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