Imani-Lara Lansiquot is second fastest British junior in history and captained GB at the World U20 Championships in 2016.

Featuring in the ‘fast runners: class of 2018‘ over the next 12 months, the 20-year-old sprinter aims to make her first senior British team and to run a personal best.

Additionally, to be injury free, train consistently and an important goal for the Sky Sports Scholar is to remain patient throughout the year.


Name: Imani-Lara Lansiquot
Age (Jan 2018): 20
Hometown: London

Club: Sutton & District AC
Main discipline: 100m
Other disciplines/events: 60m
Full-time athlete/work/studying: Full-time athlete & full-time university student

Goals or targets for 2018

1) To make my first British senior team
2) To be injury free and have consistent training
3) To run a personal best
4) To be patient

Career Highlights

1) Becoming the second fastest British teen in history
2) Being accepted on to the Sky Sports Scholar scheme
3) Captaining the GB Junior team
4) Being 4th in the world as a junior

Personal bests

1) 100m: 11.17
2) 60m: 7.30

Interesting or fun facts

I’m a psychology student at Kings College London.

My parents met at the English Schools Championships.

I used to want to be a professional netball player.

My good luck charm before a race is a pair of pink socks I won my first ever English Schools in (don’t worry, they are washed!).

Why do you run?

I love competing, I love training and I love all the opportunities it has given me!

I run because I like the new challenges it presents to me every day, and I like being given the chance to be better.

Favourite training session

My favourite session would be a 150s session or an acceleration session.

Least favourite training session

My least favourite session would be a 200s session or a long circuits day.

Favourite pre-race food

Dried Mango.

Favourite post-race food

PAS white chocolate protein bars.

Favourite runner or runners

My favourite sprinters are Elaine Thompson and Blessing Okagbare.

Chosen charity for ‘fast runners: class of 2018’

Wonder Foundation – a UK based and female-led charity aimed at supporting and empowering young women to get into education and out of poverty.

Imani-Lara Lansiquot is part of the ‘fast runners: class of 2018’ and will share her running journey every month throughout 2018. More information can be found here.

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