We’re excited to announce that Fast Running and Let’s Get Running are going to be teaming up going forward. To kick it off, we thought it best to share out five favourite episodes of the popular running podcast. 

Shaun Dixon and Jermaine Mays provide a mix of excellent interviews, regular news and one of the best laughs you’ll ever hear on a podcast. With professional athletes, top coaches and sport scientists all mixed into an easy to listen to, not overly technical format it should be a podcast on your running playlist already.

If it isn’t then we’ve asked Shaun for some recommendations and I’ve added some of my own to get the ball rolling. In no particular order…

1) Mike Baxter – Leeds Powerhouse

Shaun interviews former GB athlete and coach Mike Baxter, who was training with and competing against some of the best of British and the world back in the 1970’s. Not only does Mike speak about his own breakthroughs in his running, but also his coaching philosophy that uses his current group, his love for the Night of the 10,000m PBs and why we should all be respecting the recovery between our harder sessions.

2) Dr Jess Piasecki – Exercise Physiology

After her astounding 2:25 run in Florence Marathon recently, Jess is a British marathoner on everyone’s mind. Jess discusses her running, but also gives an insight into her research regarding masters athletes and that it’s potentially never too late to start. The Robert Hawkins coached runner and Shaun also talk about Piasecki’s injury filled past and how amenorrhea is even more impactful for a long athlete. Truly insightful interview for runners and coaches.

3) Dr. Richard Blagrove – Strength & Conditioning

Author of the excellent Strength and Conditioning for Endurance Running, Dr. Blagrove talks in simple terms about what we as athletes can do to incorporate S&C into our own training. It’s not all about getting down the the gym for hours on end, but great, practical advice that we can all think about adding into our week. Shaun and Richard also speak about running economy and how you can improve this without a new pair of Nikes.

4) Professor Hugh Montgomery – Professor, author, ultra runner

A highlight of this episode comes before the interview event starts with Shaun talking to Jermaine about a recent racing experience on Mont Ventoux and it will have you laughing out loud with Jermaine. At least that’s what I was doing running around a Turin park.

Then you get into a peach of an interview with Prof. Hugh Montgomery who has led a rather interesting life of adventure and offers insight into how they’ve investigated extreme environments and athletes to help improve understanding in the medical world.

5)  Just pick your favourite athlete

The next thing to do is just pick your favourite athlete or subject and go back through the list. The guys have interviewed so many great and inspiring athletes that we couldn’t list them all, but also they’ve tackled great subjects and backed events like the Night of the 10,000m PBs for years now.

Take your pick from; Alex Yee, Charlotte Purdue, Andy Butchart, Lily Partridge, Dewi Griffiths, Bobby Clay, Jonny Mellor, Eilish and Liz McColgan, Andy Vernon, Sarah Tunstall, Kilian Jornet, Jasmin Paris, Alice Wright, Gemma Steel, Molly Huddle, Courtney Dauwalter, Jake Robertson, Jon Albon and evergreen Tommy Hughes.

That’s just a taster so get online and try out an episode yourself and let us know what you think.

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