In a previous post A running plan for beginners we talked about how a beginner should approach ‘each run’. Taking a step back from this its relevant to provide those new to running with a high level overview running plan.

We’ve came up with 12 beginner running tips that will allow you to start running smoothly, and help you to stick with it.

  1. Purchase a good pair of running shoes
  2. Start slow and steady
  3. Warm up, cool down
  4. Fuel up
  5. Increase your mileage slowly and evenly
  6. Vary your runs – distances and routes
  7. Set goals & targets
  8. Go outside to run
  9. Fix Your Form
  10. Strategise – try sprint intervals, tempo runs & hill work
  11. Cross-Train
  12. Persevere & stick with it

These are just quick tips that are worthwhile sharing. We hope these beginner running points help.