Ultra-running royalty Kilian Jornet won the Hardrock 100 ultramarathon for the 4th time this month. If that in itself isn’t impressive enough, the Spanish ultra-runner ran over 60 miles of it with a dislocated shoulder.

The Hardrock 100 in Colorado, USA, is one of the toughest ultramarathon courses across the world. During the 100.5 miles trek across mountainous terrain, runners face an elevation change of 66,100 feet.

Crossing the finish line with his left arm in a sling, Jornet won the 2017 edition in 24 hours, 32 minutes and 22 seconds.

Still not impressed? In May of this year, Jornet climbed Mount Everest not once, but twice in the space of two weeks.

Jornet’s injury in the Hardrock 100, came 40 miles in when he slipped on snow. Afterwords he said he didn’t take any medication to deal with the pain.