A cinematic portrait of the barrier-breaking journey of NN Running Team superstar Eliud Kipchoge is set to be released next month

Kipchoge: The Last Milestone will chart the full journey undertaken by the incomparable Kenyan athlete, from his NN Running Team training camp in Kaptagat through to his jaw-dropping performance at the INEOS 1:59 Challenge in Vienna – as he lived up to his motto No Human Is Limited.

Eliud Kipchoge: “I am incredibly proud to share with you the trailer for my movie Kipchoge: The Last Milestone. The movie tells an intimate story of my dream to run under two hours, and shows all those who helped make it a reality. We, together, dared to dream, to attempt the impossible. I hope that day back in October 2019 inspired the world, and I hope that this movie will be a legacy and inspire runners of all ages for many years to come. Thank you for being part of this journey.”

The documentary, which was executively produced by Academy Award nominee Ridley Scott and directed by Jake Scott, will receive its digital release on August 23. Eliud’s inspirational quest to achieve the seemingly impossible, which became reality on the streets of Vienna in 2019, is thrillingly captured in the show-stopping documentary – a moment which remains a high point in the history of the NN Running Team.

You can watch the full trailer at this link and get read more about the film at www.kipchogemovie.com

Global Sports Communication has been part of the INEOS 1.59 Challenge to guide Eliud on his way to his exceptional performance. Valentijn Trouw, manager of Kipchoge and leading the performance side of the challenge: “By breaking the magical two-hour barrier in the INEOS 1:59 Challenge, Eliud Kipchoge showed what great strength lies in pure willpower, dedication and commitment. Eliud broke a great barrier in sport and in doing so he gave hope and inspiration. Others might do the same in music or politics or business or any other area which is close to their hearts“.

One of the goals of this projects was to show the world that “No Human Is Limited” and inspire people around the world. The aim was to make it bigger than athletics and bigger than sport. Marleen Vink-Rennings, Marketing Manager at Global Sports Communication and part of the engagement steer group of the 1:59 Challenge:

“The INEOS project, for all of us here at Global Sports Communication, was an enormous undertaking. Working alongside some incredible organisations and talented people from around the world, we were able to help shape history, to bring this magnificent achievement to the world. The Last Milestone is a beautiful film, told through the eyes of Eliud and those closest to him. We think it will stand as a legacy piece to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds, to serve as a reminder of the magnificent story which unfolded over months and then a little under two magical hours in October 2019. We are proud to have helped Eliud achieve his dream, and to inspire the dreams of others.“

Words & Images: Global Sports Communication