Every year we try to follow the story of 10 exciting and inspiring athletes through our Fast10 series. This year is no different and the 10 athletes are another great bunch.

The concept is simple. We know people want to read about runners they can relate to and hear the stories about their training, races and what they want to talk about.

Every year it feels like a challenge to keep getting more and more exciting names added to the list and 2021 was no different, so without further ado, here’s the class of 2021.

Fast 10 2021

Sarah McCormack

Nigel Martin

Elsey Davis

Abdel Laadjel

Karla Borland

Ally Beaven

Susanna Banjo

George Foster

Morag Millar

William Onek

Coming up next

Over the couple of weeks we’ll start the ball rolling by introducing each of the new athletes with a question and answer article. Get to know who we’ll be following this year, their favourite sessions and goals for the season ahead.

From Ireland and one of Europe’s top mountain runners, a sub 14 minute 5k runner and a 2:33 marathoner to track and middle distance specialists and the second fastest ever on the Bob Graham round, we have a real mix of athletes this year.

Now we just have to wait for Ally Beaven’s first article about roller skating.