Another week goes by and the world of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram brings us joy again with a few standout posts.

Some athletes put forward a solid case for not using social media and focusing on their running, but where would be the fun in that?

Breaking News

To start with its some breaking news… Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake has become disillusioned with track life, given away all his possessions (including the world gold medal) and will now dedicate his life to become a master yogi.

Other athletes are also looking beyond athletics

Perry Shakes-Drayton began her new life on ice on TV show ‘Dancing on Ice’.

And before you could count to three, the trend had reached Ireland with race walker Rob Heffernan also off to pastures new.

And the quote of the week goes to…

US rapper RiFF RAFF (hadn’t heard of him either) told his 1.1 million Twitter fans that “iTS 2018 AND WE DONT DO DRUGS WE DO CARDiO” and set a one mile challenge for the next morning.

The war on drugs in sports has a new ally it seems. Cheers RiFF RAFF. Fast Running doesn’t endorse the music though – it’s awful.

Coming soon: lambing season

Lambing season approaches and we’re not sure Dewi Griffiths is going to be allowed to help out this year, after getting this pair all excited on Sprite.

Maybe Dewi can team up with GB mountain runner Ricky Lightfoot and together they can save the endangered lambs of the British Isles on long runs?

Jornet is ready for the roads

Fast Running’s article into the potential/hypothetical marathon speed of mountain man Kilian Jornet brought an answer from the man himself – although it was a touch slower than you would expected.

Monday Motivation

Last, but not least, Champion US ultra runner Dave Mackey ran his first ultra since losing his leg in a freak mountain accident, finishing the Bandera 50k in just under 6 hours. Dave is a f*cking hero.