A mud bath at BUCS and more Andy Butchart, the social media round-up is a messy one. One week we might just do a Butchart special.

The BUCS cross country championships at Hillingdon House Farm had a peach of a water hazard and victims aplenty.

More hazardous than your usual pond –  hopefully no athletes were harmed in the making of these videos.

Hats (or shoes) off to this chap who went back for his shoe.

Jenny Nesbitt auditions for Braveheart about 23 years too late… we’re not even sure she was born when it was released. The blue and gold facepaint of the Team Bath athlete would have made William Wallace proud.

Time for Braveheart 2!

The Big Half took it upon themselves to vote for Callum Hawkins in the next Scottish referendum and he wasn’t happy.

When he’s not tweeting about people cutting their toenails on airplanes Andy Butchart is a good lad. We’re not sure though if he realised a tweet about volunteering was a contractually binding agreement. Get your high-viz at the ready Andy.

Put some clothes on Greg!

St. Valentine’s Day is approaching but not to worry, Dwain Chambers has got your back. Is anyone brave enough to send the other half to the British champion sprinter for a workout?

A warm and fluffy moment to finish, with Chris O’Hare sharing his cracking result at the Wanamaker Mile with his family in New York. The cup is nearly as big as the wee man!