Leon Reid is the Northern Irish 200m record holder and has won European silver medals at under-20 and under-23 level.

The 23-year-old Birchfield Harrier reached the 200m semi-finals at the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and will make his second appearance at the Gold Coast Games in April.

For the year ahead, the Bath sprinter aims to have an injury free year, conclude his transfer from Great Britain to Ireland, break the Irish 200m record, as well as improving his own Northern Irish 200m record.


Name: Leon Reid
Age (Jan 2018): 23
Hometown: Bath
Club: Birchfield Harriers

Main discipline: 200m
Other disciplines/events: 100m
Full-time athlete/work/studying: I work three part-time jobs; bar work at a nightclub, coaching at a primary school and store manager of a supplement shop

Goals for 2018

1) Stay injury free
2) Get my transfer completed from Great Britain to Ireland
3) Break the Irish 200m Record
4) Break my own Northern Irish 200m record
5) Be able to secure some funding, so I can sleep more than 6 hours a night

Career highlights

1) Northern Irish 200m / 4×100 record holder
2) European Under-23 200m silver medalist
3) European Under-20 200m silver medalist
4) Commonwealth Games 200m semi-finalist

Personal bests

1) 100m: 10.33
2) 200m: 20.38
3) 400m: 47.06

Interesting or fun facts

I can put my legs behind my head, but don’t ask how I learnt how to do that.

I love movies and I love gaming.

Enjoy chilling with friends, but enjoy my own space too.

Why do you run?

It’s the thrill. No matter your background, No matter your education or upbringing. When the gun goes bang we are all equal and trying to be the best we can be.

Favourite training session

120m runs. Just something about the distance is awesome. Use that bend and drive down the home straight.

Least favourite training session

350s. My coach makes me do them and I think he’s secretly trying to move me into 400m which will not happen while my heart still beats.

Favourite pre-race food

Coffee, orange juice and porridge to keep my energy levels up throughout the morning. Then I can nibble before a race, but breakfast is my favourite.

Favourite post-race food

Nandos! Or any wings, they are the key to my heart.

Favourite runner or runners

My favourite runner is USA sprinter Trayvon Bromell. His start is lightning and so beautiful to watch.

At the minute my starts aren’t that great, so I watch videos of his start and try and replicate it the best I can.

Chosen charity for ‘fast runners: class of 2018’

St Johns Foundation – It’s a charity that works hard supporting people to improve their lives; from independent living solutions to funding support to community activities.

These guys looked after me while I was on the brink of destruction, and don’t know where I would be without them.

Leon Reid is part of the ‘fast runners: class of 2018’  and will share his running jounery every month throughout 2018. More information can be found here.