Aiming to say their farewell with gold medals, are Usain Bolt and Mo Farah. The multiple time world and Olympic champions take to the London Stadium track for their final major championships.

Below you will find the full schedule of events for the World Championships 2017 in London, including key events, British one’s to watch and Irish athletes competing.

Friday, 4 August – day one

Medals: Men’s 10,000m

Evening session:
19:00 – Men’s 100m preliminary
19:20 – Men’s discus qualifying
19:30 – Men’s long jump qualifying
19:35 – Women’s 1500m qualifying
19:45 – Women’s pole vault qualifying
20:20 – Men’s 100m first round
20:45 – Men’s discus qualifying
21:20 – Men’s 10,000m final

British – one’s to watch
Mo Farah will go for gold in his final 10,00m track race. Laura Muir will hope to get het 1500m & 5,000m double off to a good start in 1500m heats. Laura Weightman, Jessica Judd and Sarah McDonald will also feature.

CJ Utah, James Dasaolu and Reece Prescod will join Usain Bolt in the 100m first round, while Holly Bradshaw will feature in the pole vault qualifying.

Irish – competing
Women’s 1500m heats: Ciara Mageean

Saturday, 5 August – day two

Medals: Men’s 100m, women’s 10,000m, men’s long jump, men’s discus

Morning session:
10:00 – Men’s shot put qualifying
10:05 – Heptathlon 100m
10:35 – Women’s hammer throw qualifying
10:45 – Men’s 400m first round
11:00 – Women’s triple jump qualifying
11:30 – Heptathlon high jump
11:45 – Women’s 100m first round
12:05 – Women’s hammer throw qualifying
12:45 – Men’s 800m first round

Evening session:
19:00 – Heptathlon shot put
19:00 – Men’s 100m semi-finals
19:25 – Men’s discus final
19:35 – Women’s 1500m semi-finals
20:05 – Men’s long jump final
20:10 – Women’s 10,000m final
21:00 – Heptathlon 200m
21:45 – Men’s 100m final

Do not miss
Bar something extraordinary, Usain Bolt will go for his final 100m gold medal.

British – one’s to watch
Katarina Johnson-Thompson starts gets the Heptathlon underway, but before proceedings start Jessica Ennis-Hill will receive her retrospective 2011 World Championships gold.

Asha Philip, Desiree Henry and Daryll Neita will join Jamaican star Elaine Thompson in the 100m heats. While in the 400m first round Dwayne Cowan, Matthew Hudson-Smith and Martyn Rooney feature alongside world record holder Wayde van Nieker.

Laura Muir will hope to make it through the 1500m semi-finals, as will Ireland’s Ciara Mageean.

In the women’s 10,000m final Jess Martin, Beth Potter and Charlotte Taylor will aim to impress.

Irish – competing
Men’s 400m first round: Brian Gregan
Men’s 800m first round: Mark English
Women’s 1500m semi-finals: Ciara Mageean

Sunday, 6 August – day three

Medals: Men’s and women’s marathons, heptathlon, women’s pole vault, men’s shot put, women’s 100m

Morning session:
10:00 – Heptathlon long jump
10:05 – Men’s 3,000m steeplechase first round
10:40 – Men’s pole vault qualifying
10:55 – Men’s marathon
11:05 – Men’s 400m hurdles first round
11:45 – Heptathlon javelin qualifying
11:55 – Women’s 400m first round
12:55 – Men’s 110m hurdles first round
13:00 – Heptathlon javelin
14:00 – Women’s marathon

Evening session:
19:00 – Women’s pole vault final
19:05 – Women’s javelin qualifying
19:10 – Women’s 100m semi-finals
19:40 – Men’s 400m semi-finals
20:10 – Men’s 100m hurdles semi-finals
20:30 – Women’s javelin qualifying
20:35 – Men’s shot put final
20:40 – Heptathlon 800m (final event)
21:15 – Men’s 800m semi-finals
21:50 – Women’s 100m final

British – one’s to watch
Holly Bradshaw will hope to medal in the pole vault final, while Asha Philip should feature in the Women’s 100m final. Calum Hawkins, Josh Griffiths and Andrew Davies will run the streets of London in the marathon.

Irish – competing
Men’s marathon: Mick Clohisey and Sean Hehir
Men’s 400m hurdles first round: Thomas Barr
Women’s marathon: Claire Gibbons McCarthy
Men’s 400m semi-finals: Brian Gregan
Men’s 800m semi-finals: Mark English

Monday, 7 August – day four

Medals: Women’s hammer, women’s triple jump, men’s 110m hurdles, women’s 1500m

Evening session:
18:30 – Men’s triple jump qualifying
19:00 – Women’s hammer throw final
19:15 – Women’s 400m hurdles first round
20:15 – Men’s 400m hurdles semi-final
20:25 – Women’s triple jump final
20:55 – Women’s 400m semi-final
21:30 – Men’s 110m hurdles final
21:50 – Women’s 1500m final

British – one’s to watch
The the high quality men’s 110m hurdles Andrew Pozzi could challenge for a medal. Laura Muir aims to show the world her best in the 1500m final, that will likely feature Faith Kipyegon, Genzebe Dibaba, Caster Semenya and if she perform’s to her best in previous rounds, Ireland’s Ciara Mageean. Also Britain’s Sophie Hitchon will feature in the hammer final.

Irish – competing
Men’s 400m hurdles semi-final: Thomas Barr
Women’s 1500m final: Ciara Mageean

Tuesday, 8 August – day five

Medals: Women’s javelin, men’s pole vault, men’s 3,000m steeplechase, men’s 800m, men’s 400m

Evening session:
19:20 – Women’s javelin final
19:30 – Women’s 200m first round
19:35 – Men’s pole vault final
20:35 – Women’s 400m hurdles semi-finals
20:40 – Women’s shot put qualifying
21:10 – Men’s 3,000m steeplechase final
21:35 – Men’s 800m final
21:50 – Men’s 400m final

British – one’s to watch
The women’s 200m gets underway with Dina Asher-Smith, Shannon Hylton and Bianca Williams featuring alongside defending champion Dafne Schippers in the first round.

In the absence of Kenya’s David Rudisha, Botswana’s Nijel Amos should take gold in the men’s 800m final. Aiming for an appearance in the final are Elliot Giles, Kyle Langford, Guy Learmonth, and Ireland’s Mark English.

In the men’s 400m final South Africa’s world record holder Wayde van Niekerk looks unstoppable. Hoping to join him in the final are Britain’s Matt Hudson-Smith, Dwayne Cowan and Martyn Rooney and Ireland’s Brian Gregan has every chance.

Irish – competing
Men’s 800m final:  Mark English
Men’s 400m final: Brian Gregan

Wednesday, 9 August – day six

Medals: Women’s shot put, men’s 400m hurdles, women’s 400m

Evening session:
19:05 – Women’s 3,000m steeplechase first round
19:10 – Women’s long jump qualifying
19:20 – Men’s hammer throw qualifying
20:05 – Men’s 5,000m first round
20:25 – Women’s shot put final
20:50 – Men’s hammer qualifying
20:55 – Men’s 200m semi-finals
21:30 – Men’s 400m hurdles final
21:50 – Women’s 400m final

British – one’s to watch
Mo Farah begins his 5000m defence in the first round, which also features Andrew Butchart and Marc Scott. While Rosie Clarke makes her major championships bow in the 3,000m steeplechase first round.

Irish – competing
Men’s 400m hurdles final: Thomas Barr


Thursday, 10 August – day seven

Medals: Men’s triple jump, women’s 400m hurdles, men’s 200m

Evening session:
18:30 – Women’s 5,000m first round
19:05 – Men’s javelin qualifying
19:10 – Women’s high jump qualifying
19:25 – Women’s 800m qualifying
20:20 – Men’s triple jump final
20:25 – Men’s 1500m qualifying
20:35 – Men’s javelin qualifying
21:05 – Women’s 200m qualifying
21:35 – Women’s 400m hurdles final
21:50 – Men’s 200m final

British – one’s to watch
Laura Muir returns after the 1500m final, alongside Eilish McColgan and Steph Twell in the first round of the 5000m. Eilidh Doyle will contest the 400m hurdles final.

In the men’s 200m final South Africa’s Wayde Van Niekerk should take gold, while British hopes of medal sit with Zharnel Hughes, Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake and Danny Talbot.

Irish – competing
Women’s 800m qualifying: Siofra Cleirigh-Buttner


Friday, 11 August – day eight

Medals: Women’s long jump, men’s hammer, women’s 3000m steeplechase

Morning session:
10:00 – Men’s 100m decathlon
10:10 – Women’s discus qualifying
10:45 – Women’s 100m hurdles qualifying
11:05 – Men’s long jump decathlon
11:15 – Men’s high jump qualifying
11:35 – Women’s discus qualifying
12:55 – Men’s shot put decathlon

Evening session:
17:00 – Men’s high jump decathlon
19:05 – Women’s 100m hurdles qualifying
19:10 – Women’s long jump final
19:35 – Women’s 800m semi-finals
20:10 – Men’s 1500m qualifying
20:30 – Men’s hammer qualifying
20:45 – Men’s 400m decathlon
21:25 – Women’s 3,000m steeplechase final
21:50 – Women’s 200m final

British – one’s to watch
In the 100m hurdles first round Alicia Barrett and Tiffany Porter line out for Britain. Robbie Grabarz starts his high jump medal challenge. In the long jump final Shara Proctor, Jazmin Sawyers and Lorraine Ugen all feature. In the 200m final Dina Asher-Smith might surprise a few and grab a medal.

Irish – competing
Women’s 800m semi-finals: Siofra Cleirigh-Buttner


Saturday, 12 August – day nine

Medals: Women’s high jump, women’s 100m hurdles, men’s javelin, men’s 5,000m, men’s decathlon, women’s and men’s 4x100m relay

Morning session:
10:00 – Men’s 110m hurdles decathlon
10:35 – Women’s 4x100m relay qualifying
10:55 – Men’s 4x100m relay qualifying
11:00 – Discus throw decathlon
11:20 – Women’s 4x400m relay qualifying
11:50 – Men’s 4x400m relay qualifying
12:20 – Men’s discus throw decathlon
14:15 – Men’s pole vault decathlon

Evening session:
17:30 – Men’s javelin decathlon
18:55 – Men’s javelin decathlon
19:05 – Women’s high jump final
20:05 – Women’s 100m hurdles final
20:15 – Men’s javelin final
20:20 – Men’s 5,000m final
20:45 – Men’s 1500m decathlon
21:30 – Women’s 4x100m relay final
21:50 – Men’s 4x100m relay, final

British – one’s to watch
Following the 10,000m, Mo Farah will aim for a say farewell in style in the men’s 5000m final. In the 4x100m final Usain Bolt lines out for the final time in a major championships, while GB’s sprint team will aim to medal.

In the 100m hurdles final Britain’s Tiffany Porter will hope to medal.

Sunday, 13 August – day 10

Medals: Men’s and women’s 20km race walks, men’s and women’s 50km race walks, men’s high jump, women’s discus, women’s 5,000m, women’s 800m, men’s 1500m, women’s and men’s 4x400m relay

Morning session:
07:45 – Men’s and women’s 50km race walks
12:20 – Women’s 20km race walk
14:20 – Men’s 20km race walk

Evening session:
19:00 – Men’s high jump final
19:10 – Women’s discus throw final
19:35 – Women’s 5,000m final
20:10 – Women’s 800m final
20:30 – Men’s 1500m final
20:55 – Women’s 4x400m relay final
21:15 – Men’s 4x400m relay final

British – one’s to watch
Following his recent world record, Tom Bosworth will hope to medal in the Men’s 20km race walk, Ireland’s Alex Wright will also feature.

Laura Muir will aim to conclude her quest for 1500m and 5000m medals when she lines out in the 5000m final, while Eilish McColgan should feature strongly.

Irish – competing
Men’s 50km race walk: Robert Heffernan and Brendan Boyce
Men’s 20km race walk: Alex Wright
Women’s 800m final: Siofra Cleirigh-Buttner