How does an athlete spend Christmas? Is it a well earned break and some overindulgence or is training as normal?

Welshman Dewi Griffiths had a year remember, from 5000m on the half marathon on the road – there practically wasn’t a distance he didn’t clock a personal bests over.

The icing on the cake came in October of course, when his fantastic 2:09:49 marathon debut in Frankfurt gained worldwide admiration and moved Griffiths top of the UK rankings for the year. So how will the Swansea Harrier spend Christmas?

Will you train on Christmas day?
Usually I would get a long run done in the morning to clear room for dinner, but due to my hamstring I have cleverly got the day off.

What about Boxing Day?
I’m in the early stages of coming back from my hamstring injury, so hopefully I can complete another easy 20mins run pain free along with some body weight hamstring strengthening exercises.

What is the best running related present you ever received?
I bought myself a Garmin watch last year which I’ve used for pretty much every step I’ve ran in 2017. When I was younger I had a new pair of trainers from my parents which I couldn’t wait to try out.

Favourite childhood memory of Christmas?
Waking up early to see if Santa had been and opening all the presents.

Who are you spending Christmas 2017 with?
I will be at home with my family for most of the day, before heading over to my girlfriend’s house and spending the evening with her family.

Do you worry about over-eating on Christmas day?
No it’s Christmas. I eat what I want all year round and Christmas won’t be any different.

What is your favourite food at Christmas?
All of it – well apart from the Brussels sprouts.

Will you be cooking?
I don’t think my cooking would be up to that standard. My mom and sister will be in charge.

What does Christmas mean to you?
Having good food and quality time with the family.